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HP / Compaq 10 Digit Key Password Recovery

If you have an HP, Compaq 10 hexadecimal digits ( eg., 2039837875 ), we will give you the possibility for you to remove the password from BIOS

  • Power on your laptop and wait for the password screen.
  • Enter the wrong password three times.
  • You will receive the key from which the password can be calculated.

HP - Compaq 10 Digit Key Master Password Screen Image

  • Please type your key. Example see picture ( 2039837875 ).
  • In this case the key is 10 digit headecimal ( 2039837875 ).
  • Fill the fields below : your E-mail, your key.
  • After payment processing, your master password will be sent immediately ( to your email address ).
  • After you receive the password turn OFF and ON again laptop and put your password.

Price for unlock 1 unit HP / Compaq (10 Digit Key) : $ 6

After paypal processing, password for your laptop will be sent immediately.

  • Please check your Spam when the E-mail seems not to be received.
  • Transactions are processed by PayPal, so your credit card information is safe and never stored.